I bought 2 cows from Paul Bennett one sired by the Bennett Revolution X51 bull and bred to Times A Wastin and the other one sired by a Harlan 408 bull and bred to the Bennett Encore bull. Both had bull calves.
One of the heifers I bought 2 years ago, sired by Huth Progressive U001 bull had her second calf, a bull sired by NJW Homegrown 8Y.
A really good Online cow that I bought from Sam Massey had a bull calf, sired by my herd Bull, MH Respond 332, whose pedigree has Durango as his sire and Moler as his maternal sire.

I had 2 really nice heifers also, one sired by the Huth Prospector N065 bull and the other by my herd bull